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Our logo represents the Dirawong, a goanna spirit which is one of the creator beings of Bundjalung. The Dirawong protects and imparts a vast variety of knowledge to the Bundjalung people.

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The Roper System was engineered incorporating over 35 years experience in design, manufacture, testing & use of Rope Access / Height Safety equipment.

You only need this one kit for all of your working at heights, fall restraint & rescue recovery applications.
One or more systems can be joined together to make more advanced systems.
  • Basic Fall Restraint
  • Top Rope
  • Work Positioning
  • Confined Space Entry & Exit
  • Adjustable anchor
  • Roof Kit
  • Equipment raise and lower
  • Rescue Recovery
  • Advanced Rescue
  • Temporary Horizontal Static Line
  • Zipline
  • Lead climbing
  • Self Equalising & Load Sharing Anchor
  • FastRap Rappelling / Fast Roping
The Roper System allows for the fastest and easiest rescue in the world.

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With over 50 years of exposure to heights in defence, law enforcement and infrastructure construction, I am confident in writing:- You don't know what you don't know about this engineered Roper System until you aware of its characteristics and application in every working and fun scenarios that you can think of - BRILLIANT!  A massive saving on resources, reduction in training time to maintain competency levels - one system for all applications; and its inbuilt rescue and safety features makes competence and compliance easy - a PCBU's best choice."

-Frank Malkoun,  Principal of LSAS2004, former Military and Aust Customs.


“Simple, I use it every day.  I love it”

-Lyle Davidson, Fire Rescue 


“ Best I’ve ever come across.  Ticks all the boxes.  I envisage every mine using Roper kits in the near future.  A new industry standard has been set”

-Matt Enright, Mines Rescue



“All we need is 6 x kits and we are set”

-Mike Sarich, State Emergency Service

“I will be implementing Locnut karabiners into TAFE as soon as possible”

-Claude Dahdah, Aborists, Envirotreeworks, TAFE teacher

“It is simple to set up, ready to go every dive.  I know I’ll be rescued quickly if required”

-David Barry, Diver, Aqualift, Diver/Roper


“The kit is the ultimate but people need educating. 150 bucks just doesn’t cut it. Every EWP should have a roper kit”

-Craig Morton, Rope Access, Tradesmen on Rope, Specialises in extreme rope access

“By simplifying work methods with the roper system we are reducing risks” ”This is the biggest advance in this industry for 30 years.  We are setting a new standard, others will have to follow.”

-Michael Rustichelli, Tower Access, Vision Stream. Michael is on a mission to make the industry safer with the roper kit & locnut karabiner


“Makes me question all our current equipment”

-Mick Smith, Police Rescue


“The roper kit is unreal, easy to use and works great and the guys love using it.  They actually want it in their vehicle permanently and even take it home”

-Wal Bailey, Railcorp


“Everyone working at heights should be using a Roper Kit. Some of the mines are thinking of implementing a new rule ‘roper system for all work at heights on their sites’ It is the only system that ticks all the boxes”

-Joel Evans, Ravensworth Mine

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