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The Roper System® is an Australian designed and engineered, internationally patented height safety system. It is a simple, multipurpose, shock absorbing system controlled from either end, to raise or lower at any time with an integrated 30 second rescue plan, greatly reducing costs and associated risks.

  • Rigging, Roping, Work at Height Multitool

  • Same kit, every scenario

  • 30 second rescue plan

  • Simple design = minimal training

  • Time & Cost effective

  • Through life service policy

  • Australian Standards  & CE Compliant

  • Supply Nation certified Indigenous Australian company

"It's simple, I use it every day. I love it"
-Lyle Davidson, Fire Rescue

SafeWork Australia states “Workers should be given the highest practical level of protection to their health and safety from hazards and risks arising from work.

This means, they should be using the safest and most practical equipment available. That is the Roper System
. Nothing else compares. The patented Roper System has set a new standard. Now everyone working at heights can easily use an engineered system.
Safety line
Mining & construction access
Cliff Rescue
Comms tower
Electrical contractor
Hi Rise rescue
Transmission Tower access
Sydney Trains inspection
Static line
Overhead conveyor rescue
Water storage reservoir
Cliff access
Confined space access with 3:1
Sydney Trains culvert inspection
Building construction
Ground stabilisation systems
Man cage
Bulk storage silo access
Wildlife research
Confined space
RMS culvert inspection
Tier 1 using Roper System®
Cliff rescue
EWP safety line & escape kit
Rail corridor
Building maintenance / inspection
Construction site safety line
RMS rescue
Technical rescue
Roof access
Mesh installation pre shot crete
Emergency services cliff rescue
Bush regeneration
RMS culvert inspection
Safety rescue line
Roper System ® work positioning
Offshore rig
Fully Engineered System
30 second
rescue plan
Working at Heights
Fall Restraint
Rescue Recovery

"Safety is cultural and you need to win the hearts and minds of the organisation if it is going to be a safety leader"

-Daniel Tyzack, BP Vice President ANZ Supply and Optimisation and a member of BP’s Asia Pacific Downstream Leadership Team. 

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